power point coming up from benchtop

Pop up Power Points

Having endless cords for recharging mobile phones and other devices can be easily made to look seamless by integrating a pop-up power point into your new kitchen renovation in Perth. You can stay powered up easily with these automated pop ups and is the perfect addition to your kitchen renovation in Perth when you need to recharge that device. The Pop-up power Pods can be installed beneath any stone or acrylic benchtop and the clever device uses an electric lift, so you simply press the top of the unit and it automatically lifts above the bench top for immediate use. Kitchen design and kitchen renovation in Perth.

At Kitchens Perth when implementing kitchen designs in Perth we try to inform our clients of all the latest gadgets which can help make your day to day life run as seamlessly as possible.

sink in benchtop


A concern becoming more prominent with our clients at Kitchens Perth is the WATER factor. Cool, filtered water which can be accessed easily is often a priority. During our last blog we mentioned the Zip Tap and various fridge’s which offer a cold filtered water system. The Zip Tap is by far a convenient way to access water instantly whether it be hot, cold or carbonated. There are several models available to suit all situations ranging from filter only to an all functions in one which is available in a range of finishes. This tap is situated over your sink. The Zip tap can also be installed directly onto your bench top when undertaking a kitchen renovation in Perth.

Butlers Pantry

If you have the space available a Butler’s Pantry is a dream for any cook. It is a little like a second kitchen where you can make all the mess but it is hidden away to be cleaned up latter if required. Kitchens Perth have designed many Butlers Pantries where the preparation of food is perused/ storage in enhanced and all of those appliances can be left laid out ready to use on the benchtops.

Kitchens Perth Interior Design Perth

Furnishing Your Kitchen Space

Have you ever considered a stunning oversized clock as a feature within your kitchen space? You should think very closely about the impact and the WOW factor of simply placing limited items that are bold and unique within your space. Feature pendant lighting, artwork, bar stools, feature bowls and clocks on a wall can be used to complete the space perfectly. At Kitchen renovations Perth we offer a unique Interior Design Service for our clients who require styling to complete their kitchen spaces.

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