Kitchen & Laundry Splashbacks

Beautiful Splashbacks for Your Perth Kitchen & Laundry

Splashback is a term that is used to describe the material that is placed on the walls behind your cooktop or sink in your new kitchen.

Splashbacks are a great way to introduce accent colours and feature into a kitchen or laundry design in Perth as the range of available finishes and colours that are available is extensive.

They should be non-porous and easy to clean, as they are there to protect the walls and to catch any splashes of liquid that might land on to that surface. The materials used for splashbacks in Australia does vary however the most popular are Glass, Tiled, Stone & Window Splashbacks.

glass splashback
Glass Kitchen Splashback
Glass Kitchen Splashback
Glass Kitchen Splashback
glass splashback

Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are one of the most popular & versatile choices for your kitchen or laundry as it’s a specially toughened & hard-wearing surface, easy to maintain, looks great and will last the lifetime of any kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are very hygienic as they have no grout joins and appear to be seamless in their appearance. The choices of colours are endless with our most popular solid colours, through to metallic’s, mirrors, and any colour selection from the most popular paint suppliers like Dulux, British Paints and Taubman’s.

Tiled Splashbacks

Tiled splashbacks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colours which can compliment any design scheme.

Tile splashbacks are also a natural choice for Hampton or Classical style kitchens but also can be applied to the modern kitchen design as well. A tiled splashback has the bonus of being able to be completed in quicker time frame than glass as they can be installed the day after the plumber has connected his services.

Tiled Splashback
Tiled Splashback
Stone Kitchen
Stone Kitchen

Stone Splashbacks

The most upmarket of splashbacks are the stone splashbacks. This is where the same stone material that is being used for the benchtop is also used for the splashback.

This provides a uniform appearance blending seamlessly between the horizontal to the vertical.

The results are stunning and classy.

Splashback Window

When lighting is an issue an option is to install a splashback window.

These are inserted at benchtop height and generally run to the bottom of the wall cabinet height.

This can really open up the feeling of space within a kitchen and if there is a nice view outside that is an even better. This does add an extra component to the budget thought which would need to be factored in.

window splashback
window splashback
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