Colour 3D Designs for your Future Kitchen, Bathroom Laundry, Entertainment Units & Wardrobes.

Our trained designers at Kitchen Design Perth have extensive knowledge of designing – from the simple to the superb. We have a process to uncover all your needs so we can design the best internal space to suit your  situation. The end service may include:

Room & Cabinet Plans

Renovation Advice

Material Advice & Selections

Budgets & Pricing

Appliance Advice & Selections

Interior Design

Working To The Brief

Our designers offer an independent design service. We take your best interests  to heart, designing the room to suit the space requirements, entertainment requirements, cooking requirements, budget requirements and also other factors that contribute to the best design of your new kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even other custom-made cabinets.

Our Design Process

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The initial contact is generally made over the phone and this is where we take time to have a chat to find out if we are compatible with each other. We can begin to talk about design briefs and requirements for the project. With a kitchen, for example, it is nice to know your preferences when cooking, how many people use the kitchen, how you like to entertain, your current wish list and any special inclusions that might be relevant to your new kitchen and or other.

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Kitchens Perth Team Nov 23 4Step 2

Then we arrange an onsite meeting where our designer can spend some time in your home to see firsthand the space available for the project.

We will look at potential building works, existing services, balancing of space between rooms, existing home styles and go much deeper into all of the information that in the end ensures the design is as good as it can be for your particular situation.

All measurements are taken at this point and initial drawings are made to complete an important stage of the design cycle.

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Kitchen 3D Kitchens PerthStep 3

Once we have all of that information it is then taken back to the design office and using the latest European 3d design software a presentation is prepared that will show the floor plans, the elevations & colour 3D’s.

A viewing is also prepared to show the bench top materials, door samples, accessories, flooring appliances & any other item that is relevant to the required renovation.

An information sheet is also documented that shows all of these selections including trade notes if required which relate to the particular project.

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Kitchens Perth New 3ds for ComoStep 4

Once all of this information has been compiled we can then email our clients a copy of all the plans and selections so they can go to the market and have all quoted out.

Alternatively or conjunctively we can also price out the required project using our network of experienced suppliers and trades.

If this design service sounds like it could benefit your situation be sure to give our experienced designers a call on 08 9284 2880 to discuss your design options.

3D Designs of Your Future Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry etc

Our designers make sure the best-suited selections are made which can make a big difference to the end result of a renovation. It is often the case that a designer can save the client the design fee many times over by simply helping them make the right choices with these selections.

If the new kitchen is a renovation our designers can advise on walls that might need to be moved, window and doors that might need to be changed or flooring that could be updated.

We go through a systematic approach when designing your new kitchen. We work out what your needs are by asking you relevant questions to obtain all the information we need to design the best kitchen for your particular situation.

As the kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house, an expert’s advice on all of the different choices can make life so much easier for the customer. There is a wide range of options including the layout, the materials for the doors and Benchtops, the appliances and the multitude of items for your internal devices.

Our designers make sure the best value for money selections are made which can make a big difference to the end cost. It is often the case that a designer can save the client the design fee many times over by simply helping them make the right choices with these selections.

 As a designer it is then our job to collate all of this information. We put it into powerful cabinet design software to produce accurate drawings and 3D views. From these colour 3D views you get a chance to see what your new kitchen will look like before anything takes place on site. Floor plans and elevation are also drawn to show the manufacturers and tradespeople exactly what is going where, which makes sure the correct efforts are put in on site.

“We help to take care of everything from selecting cabinet styles, benchtops, the best value to quality appliances, accessories, flooring and paint colours to make your kitchen the ideal hub of your home.”

– Ian Ausden

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