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Custom Laundry Renovations in Perth

Transformative ideas for a modern, functional laundry with innovative storage solutions you’ll love.

Overwhelmed at the thought of renovating your laundry? Surprised that a small space can be so hard to design?

There’s a lot to fit into the laundry, and it’s all about function and form. It’s tricky stuff, which is why you need a professional to plan it properly. Because with the right positioning (and some clever storage accessories), your laundry can totally transform.


Laundry Renovation in Como Perth

Laundry Design Consultations.

Confused about laundry renovation costs in Perth? Contact us for a chat about the price of the average laundry renovation  in Perth. We make everything easy for you and include the correct design for your needs.  And whatever your needs may be, Kitchens Perth is your destinationfor all internal renovations.

Fremantle Laundry Renovation

Laundry storage ideas for you.

New laundry renovations often place the washing machine and dryer under the bench to free up valuable work and storage space. Alternatively, the washing machine and dryer can be stacked vertically above each other in a custom-made tall cabinet to make access much easier, but this is dependent on available space.

Condenser dryers are now quite popular. With condenser dryers, external ducting for the dryer is no longer an issue, and the water from the slide-out tray can be used to water indoor pot plants. There’s also an all-in-one washing machine/dryer for when space is a real issue. Although these are not the most power-efficient appliances, they are fantastic for actual space-challenging laundry renovations.

Laundry Cabinets & More Storage.

Your broom cabinets can be used to store the vacuum cleaner. But they can also be set up as a linen press. The internal shelving should be arranged to allow for this configuration. Wall cabinets can be made deeper. They can include features such as hanging rails to place the ironing there.

Pull-outs built into the cabinets can include ironing boards, clothes baskets, drawers, rubbish bins, pet nooks, and storage of cleaning products.


Laundry Renovation in Como Perth
Claremont Laundry renovation with splashback

Ceramic troughs & glass splashbacks to finish the look.

We recommend that laundry troughs should always be on the larger side. Today, the trend is to use white ceramic troughs, which are far softer and more inviting than the cold-looking stainless steel versions.

Your laundry trough cabinet can always house a slide-out bin to keep the area tidy. Glass splashbacks can beautifully finish your laundry renovation by giving a clean, crisp look. Alternatively, a tiled feature splashback may be more your thing.

Laundry Renovations: Before & After.

Kitchens Perth Como before and after featuring laundry renovation
Kitchens Perth Before and After of Laundry Renovation in West Perth
Kitchens Perth Before After Leederville June 2018 Laundry

Newly Renovated Laundries, from concept to completion.

At Kitchens Perth, our trained designers can design the best laundry to suit your needs. And we can manage the entire renovation process for you, from concept to completion.

Our laundry renovations are often run in conjunction with other renovations, such as the kitchen or bathroom. This makes the process a far more cost-effective and time-efficient way of using our highly skilled Perth trades.

Laundry Renovation in Como Perth

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