Kitchen Appliances

Leading brands & modern kitchen appliances in Perth

With so many choices available in Perth for your kitchen renovation, we make choosing the right kitchen appliances including fridges, ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, sinks, and taps easy. We constantly stay at the forefront of the latest releases, Choice magazine reviews and industry trends to help specify the best appliance to suit your particular situation.

We usually like to stick to well know and reputable brands including Bosch, Fischer & Paykel, Miele, Smeg, Franke, Blanco and Westinghouse to give you the perfect appliance solution that will complement your new dream kitchen.

How to choose the right kitchen appliances

Choosing the right appliances in your kitchen is important as it’s a long term decision.

After all you want the very best to create amazing meals for you,  your family, and friends – both for everyday occasions and special events – but there are also many other factors to consider including energy costs.

Oven Stacks

Our kitchen design consultants have years of experience and training in choosing the right appliances for your kitchen and can offer you advice on making the right selection from choosing the right oven or cook-top and advising the best options to place your appliances to save you time and increase productivity in your kitchen.

All the big brand appliances for your new kitchen

We know you have your favourite brands of cooking appliances. That’s why we offer a wide variety of brands for you to choose from. Plus, we’ll save you money by purchasing appliances for your kitchen on your behalf – as we have bulk buying power  – with savings that are passed on to you.

Leading Brand Appliances

With a wide selection of kitchen appliances on the market, we help you make the right choice for your new kitchen

Modern Kitchen Designs

Our trained kitchen designers make the most of the available space in your kitchen using specialised techniques.

Design Consultation

Get a quote on your kitchen by contacting us between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, or send us a quick email via our online enquiry form.

Contact us for a quote on your kitchen renovation or a design consultation on 08 9284 2880

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