Wide range of kitchen accessories to make life easier

With so many accessories available for your new kitchen, we ask the right questions to find the best solutions to make everyday tasks easier in your kitchen easier including easy to manage kitchen storage solutions for your pantry, corner units, and even LED lighting to showcase key features of your kitchen and to provide easy access to appliances, kitchenware, utensils and supplies.

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stylish kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The humble cabinet is actually the backbone of a good kitchen and has to be well designed and installed for the rest of the kitchen to function correctly. Our cabinets are made from sturdy high moisture resistant white melamine that has a solid backing board included. They are glued and screwed together ensuring a long life and therefore a maintenance free product for your kitchen

Cabinet Specifications

  • 16mm High Moisture Resistant White Melamine Board
  • 2 Pac Gloss Painted Finish End Panels (and or other / Contrasting)
  • Cabinets Glued and screwed together
  • Blum soft close drawer runners (Life time Guarantee)
  • or Soft close hinges
  • Matching High Moisture Resistant Kickboard in 2 Pac Gloss Painted Finish (and or other / Contrasting)
  • Designed by trained kitchen designers
  • Installed by trained installers
  • engineered stone & natural granite benchtops

    Engineered stone & natural granite benchtops

    Kitchen Benchtops can be difficult to specify in some kitchen renovations in Perth and other areas around Australia. This is because there is so much choice in materials and then also so many choices when it comes to colour options for your new benchtop in your kitchen renovations.

    The six most popular Benchtops in Australia are the Engineered stones, Granites, Acrylic Man Made Products, Laminated Wooden Products, Laminates and Stainless Steel.

    Here at Kitchens Perth we try to take the headache out of choosing your kitchen Benchtops and we supply and recommend two of these, that is the engineered stone Bench tops and the natural granite Benchtops as we think they are the best benchtop for your kitchen.

    After doing hundreds of kitchen renovation it became clear to us the owners of these kitchens found stone Benchtops to be the most desirable of all the benchtop materials, and therefore that is why we choose to stick with this range of benchtop. They not only look good but are the hardest wearing as well.

    Benchtop options

  • Natural Granites
  • Engineered Stones
  • Edging profiles
  • Sink cut-outs
  • Stone splashbacks
  • Waterfall Ends
  • easy access kitchen pantries

    Kitchen PantryKitchen Pantries should be the most organised of all the kitchen cabinets. Our most popular form of kitchen pantries are full height double door pantries with slide out shelving or drawers on Blum soft close drawer runners. This allows you to open the pantry doors and have a total visual of all the items on offer and then once selected they easily slide towards you making for the best access.

    Other kitchen pantry options are the Hafele Tandem Pantry inserts with feature shelving that presents forwards to you as soon as you open the door. These are a great way to take advantage of the available space, though being European they do add to the required budget.

    When the space is available Kitchens Perth can create custom made pantries to suit as well. This might be to a corner situation with customised shelving or to a full separate room housing a walk in pantry. These are known as Butler kitchens or wet kitchens and they can be fitted out with sinks, cooking appliances and fridge as well and are almost like a kitchen within a kitchen.

    Pantry options

  • Easy access pantries
  • Slide Out Shelves on Blum Drawer Runners
  • Hafele Tandem Pantries
  • Custom Made Shelving
  • Corner Pantries with custom layouts
  • Butler Kitchens
  • Wet Kitchens
  • custom designed oven stacks

    Kitchen Oven Stacks

    Kitchen Oven Stacks are a desirable cabinet to have in any kitchen renovation in WA. The big advantage with them is that they house the oven and the other appliances at the best access height. However they do take up vertical space so it must be determined if this space is available and if so they are a great choice in any Kitchen renovation in Perth.

    They are also a great place to position the microwave, as the microwave is quite often very difficult to place in a kitchen renovation. The microwave just sits above the oven and when an appropriate trim kit is installed they all blend in seamlessly together. They are also great places to put built in coffee machines, steam ovens and convection ovens as well.

    Our oven stacks also have drawers underneath. This make for a great place to store cooking trays or pots and pans that are needed for your cooking requirements.

    Double Oven Stacks are also used when an increased number of appliances are required. These can line up matching ovens and other appliances either side to give that contemporary and professional look. Our qualified kitchen designers will help you make the right choice for your new kitchen.

    Oven Stack Options

  • Custom made to suit the appliances
  • Best working height for Ovens
  • Drawer underneath
  • Push to open above
  • Best place to integrate the microwave
  • Side by side for increased appliance options
  • Great place for built in coffee machines, steam ovens and convection ovens
  • kitchen corner units

    Kitchen Corner Unit

    There is often a lot of space taken up in a normal kitchen design by corner units, so they are worth putting some thought into. It should be premeditated what will be stored in these areas as to what storage solution should actually be used here.

    In some clients kitchens they have nowhere else to store large item and therefore ease of access doors are used and the space is left open as to not to hinder any storage pf larger items.

    However in other cases we want to make the storage space present to the user through a variety of different hardware solutions and hence endeavour to make life easy in a dream kitchen.

    The most popular corner solution that we at Kitchens Perth use in particular for our renovations are kidney shaped slide out shelves or La Man Style Units. This are designed to go in blind corner cabinet and easily slip out through a 500mm wide door. These operate independently of each other so one can either draw the top shelf out or the bottom shelf, to present kitchen items that might be required.

    The corner carousel is another consistent favourite and these come in a chrome finishes, or a white finish and also an option of having the doors revolve around the whole storage space while accessing items.

    Corner drawers are a new solution to the market, while taking up a fair bit of space they have the advantage of the storage space coming to your rather than you going to the storage space.

    Kitchen Corner Units

  • Slide out Shelves (La Man Style Units)
  • Chrome Corner Carousels
  • White Corner Carousels
  • Revolving Corners
  • Corner Drawers
  • convenient disposal bins

    Kitchen Undersink Disposal Bins

    Disposal Bins are an item that is constantly accessed in a modern well used kitchen. We like a medium sized bin that is not too large as to have the rubbish sitting there too long and not too small as to having to empty it all the time.

    When we have space our go to bin is the Euro Cargo. These are a dual bin configuration that slide out on Blum soft close drawer runners. They are set up so one recycle bin is right behind the standard rubbing bin and they come right out to it is easily dispose of waste. They also come with a narrow drawer above that can store your bin bags and other related products.

    Some kitchens are smaller and we have not the space for the larger bins and therefore we use the ever popular Kim Bin. This is a smaller version of the euro Cargo bin but rather than sitting as an independent cabinet sits under the kitchen sink. A normal shopping bag will sit nicely in these and they can be taken out of the holder to sit in the sink while one is preparing the food.

    Bench Mounted bins are used when the main preparation area is away from the main bin. A slim line lid is simply taken off the bench to reveal a hole were items can be easily be disposed into. The bin is then emptied from a cabinet below.


  • Euro Cargo Bin
  • Kim Bin
  • Bench Mounted Bin
  • handy pull-out racks


    In a modern kitchen design in Perth any items that move towards the user rather than the user moving towards the item is a positive outcome. Different accessories and in particular pull out racks compliment this process.

    Placing them in user friendly positioning like next to an oven or under the sink cabinet makes them very accessible and offer storage places for a number of every day kitchen items.

    These items may include cooking oils, cleaning products, food items, containers and so on.

    Well placed pull out racks can make any new kitchen in Perth so much more user friendly.

    Useful applications

  • Cooking Oils
  • Detergents
  • Cleaning Items
  • Containers
  • kitchen inserts to make everyday life easier

    Lazy Susan Kitchen Carousel

    Inserts are items placed usually in drawers to offer better storage solutions to allow you to have a convenient landing spot for items, so when you need them you know exactly where they are going to be.

    The most common insert to include into your kitchen renovation are cutlery insertts, but other inserts allow you to place your utensils, your spices, your plates (easy lift out options), your bowls, your glad wrap and bin bags.

    Useful applications

  • Cutlery
  • Utensils
  • Spices
  • Glad Wrap
  • Bin Bags
  • kitchen led lighting

    Kitchen LED Lights

    LED Lighting is the latest lighting technology that is used in our Kitchen Renovations in Perth and in our new kitchens by Kitchens Perth. They are the super-efficient and use a lot less power than the previously used Halogen lights. They use Approx 84% less energy and can last up to ten times longer than traditional lighting.

    When used in the correct positioning they add another dimension to your new kitchen and or renovation and really can add ambience at the right time of day.

    The most comment placement for these led’s are underneath the wall cabinets. Kitchens Perth uses an overhang wall cabinet door with soft close hinges which creates a handle free wall cabinet. Then we place a matching panel underneath and this leaves a perfect space for a finger grip to open the door with and it also creates a perfect space to run our LED strip lighting.

    The LED strip lighting is also used under the breakfast bar overhang on an island bench, this adds a great dimension to the island bench and these lights can also be different colours and different pulses to create great lighting effects.

    The LED lighting can also be placed underneath the kickboards on a new kitchen in Perth which makes the kitchen appear to be UFO like and hovering.


  • Wall cabinets
  • Breakfast Bar Overhangs
  • Island Benches
  • Kickboards
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