Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Today we are looking over our predictions for three trends we are most likely going to see from our clients. These range from simple design styles to kitchen placements. Although it’s impossible to predict exactly what is to come it has become a fun tradition here at the Kitchens Perth office to try and predict some of these trends for the coming year!

2024 Is Bringing the Outside in.

2024 Design Trends Kitchens Perth Image 1

A key kitchen design prediction is a trend that has been on the rise for many years now, a Scandinavian design featuring calming whites and soft timbers invites other spaces to be connected. Not only is the design for kitchens heading this way but the position of kitchens within homes are now learning towards entrances to patios or alfresco dining options.

Positioning your kitchen in a way that allows the outside environment to be enjoyed while cooking or entertaining invites a sense of cohesion into the home in which invites a feeling connectivity and calmness.


2024 is about feature colours.

2024 Design Trends Kitchens Perth Image 2

Allowing your design to utilise feature colours is not only an expression of yourself but will make the rest of the kitchen seem visually interesting and unique. Typically, most kitchens around Perth opt for a more modern contemporary finish, however this kitchen design trend  bravery introduces a single feature colour that can define a space.


2024 Is about authenticity

2024 Design Trends Kitchens Perth Image 3

We predict 2024 to be all about authentic materials and honest production. Kitchen’s utilising timbers and marbles have a feeling of authenticity that makes the space feel genuine and appreciated. We recommend these kitchens to people who have a specific feeling of authentic design throughout the house. The great thing about Scandinavian design in Perth is that we find it perfectly complements heritage style homes.

Here at the Kitchens Perth office, we wish everyone a happy new year and we look forward to hearing from clients their design input for this year!

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