Modernising Your Heritage Home: Fresh Ideas for Kitchen Renovations in Perth’s Historic Homes


Considering a kitchen renovation for your heritage home in Perth? It’s natural to feel a bit unsure about how you’re going to seamlessly blend modernity with the historical charm of your house. Fear not, as many Perth homes have been successfully combining their home’s traditional features with extensions of modernism and here at Kitchens Perth, we’ve guided countless clients through this great journey. Let’s explore some ways you can integrate modern kitchen themes into your heritage home.

Kitchen Renovations Perth Hamptons traditional kitchen renovation.

Understanding Heritage

Perth’s heritage-listed properties are recognised for their significant historical and architectural features. When considering revamping your traditional kitchen, it is important to honour and embrace its rich heritage. Paying homage to distinctive features like colonial cornicing, intricate ceiling roses, and jarrah floorboards is crucial for illuminating the home’s storied past.

Creating a Kitchen that Harmonizes Tradition and Innovation

While respecting your home’s heritage is important, don’t feel like you must be bound by it. When considering typical elements such as plastering, ceiling roses, and jarrah floorboards, a modern spin on a hamptons-style kitchen often strikes the perfect balance. Think sleek handles, shaker profile doors, and luxurious marble benchtops for a timeless appeal.

Opting for a monochromatic palette of whites and blacks gives your kitchen that contemporary edge, with black accents adding a touch of sophistication. While the designers at Kitchens Perth do appreciate the timeless contrast of black against white, brass accents are as well a great option, and are gaining popularity for a chic, mid-century modern aesthetic.

Kitchens Perth Hamptons Renovation with Shaker profile doors.

Selecting the Perfect Accent Colour

Your choice of accent colour will set the tone for your kitchen’s ambiance and has a significant influence on the decor decisions throughout your home. Whether you lean towards brass for a vintage allure or black for a modern twist, trust your instincts — the right choice is the one that speaks to you.

Preserving Original Features

In the quest to preserve original architectural features like cornicing and skirting profiles, you may see some challenges arise. At Kitchens Perth, we collaborate with skilled plasterers in Perth to integrate the existing features of your kitchen into the modernised design. While exact matches aren’t always feasible, meticulous attention to detail ensures a harmonious blend of old and new.

Kitchens Perth heritage renovation


Renovating kitchens in Perth’s heritage-listed homes demands a delicate balance between honouring tradition and embracing innovation. By celebrating your home’s heritage while infusing it with modern sensibilities, you can create a kitchen that pays homage to the past while catering to your more contemporary lifestyle. If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation journey with your heritage home in Perth, trust Kitchens Perth for expert guidance and impeccable craftsmanship. Get in touch today and let’s elevate your heritage home to new heights of elegance and functionality together.

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