Fremantle Prison is also known as Fremantle Gaol, Fremantle Jail, or Fremantle Gaol. It was a former Australian prison. It includes prison cellblocks and gatehouses, perimeter walls, cottages, tunnels, and cottages. The site covers six hectares. The site was originally used to transport convicts from Britain, but it was later transferred to the colonial government for local prisoners in 1886. The Royal Commission was held in 1898, 1911 in order to reform the prison system. However, significant changes didn’t occur until the 1960s. Although the government department that was responsible for Fremantle Prison underwent several reorganizations over the 1970s and 1980s it was still resistant to change. A 1988 riot saw prisoner discontent culminate in guards being taken hostage and a fire that caused $1.8million worth of damage. In 1991, the prison was closed and replaced by Casuarina Prison. The prison was managed by a sheriff or comptroller general who was responsible for all convicts and prison systems in Western Australia. A superintendent was also in charge of the prison. Click here more about Fremantle Prison


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