What Makes a Modern Kitchen? Our favorite Modern Kitchen Designs.

Modern kitchen designs have been prevalent in Perth for the past ten years and have been steadily increasing as Perth homeowners come to decide that they want to leave behind the old, outdated styles of their 1970’s-designed homes and embrace the beautiful simplicity and timelessness of modern kitchen designs. The key question is, what are the elements that make up a modern kitchen design? And how can you utilize these to make your kitchen renovation as successful and elegantly designed as possible?


Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Completed in Karrinyup by Kitchens Perth


Modern kitchen designs can be interpreted from two distinct factors: the material choice and the use of form. The material choice can come down to the benchtop, the splashback, and the cabinet colour choices. All of these crucial details dictate what is to be considered a modern kitchen design. The second factor that dictates modern kitchen design is form, how the materials are used and placed, This can be shown in benchtop / island bench placement, splash back orientation, tall cabinet positioning and other factors.


What materials make up a modern kitchen design?

A modern designed kitchen is made from simple and effective materials. The interesting fact about modern design is that it is not restricted to lighter or darker colours, but rather the use of simple, elegant features in a deliberate manner. However, it is worth noting that most modern kitchen designs have darker features, however, this alone is not a core feature of a modern designed kitchen. Perth kitchens have especially been going darker in recent times, we have found.


Kitchens Perth’s favorite materials for a modern kitchen design.

Modern Dark & Moody

Polytec Bottega Oak Woodmatt                     Polytec Cinder                    Stone Ambassador Ottoman Grey

     Polytec Bottega-Oak Woodmatt                                                    Polytec Cinder                                                     Stone Ambassador Ottoman Grey

These are some of our favorite colours to make up a modern kitchen. The Bottega-Oak Woodmatt is a perfect dark timber to break up the monotony created by the Cinder. For this design, we would suggest the Woodmatt be used for tall cabinets, pantries, oven stacks and any other vertical cabinet that is imbued with this colour. On the base cabinets and any other overhead cabinets, the Polytec Cinder is a perfect blend between black and grey. To finish it off with a lighter contrast, the Ottoman Grey from Stone Ambassador. The concrete design of the benchtop gives the space a modern / industrial feel that can make any kitchen feel unique. For this particular design, we would recommend the Ottoman Grey be used for the splash backs as well.


Modern Stone inspired naturalism

Polytec NOTAIO WALNUT                      Polytec MERCURIO GREY                      Stone Ambassador Element Grey

                Polytec Notaio Walnut                                       Stone Ambassador Element Grey                                        Polytec Mercurio Grey



The next colour scheme adapts to a lighter, more focused modern scheme. For these selections, we have focused on a naturalist influence, allowing us to focus on the aesthetic of authentic materials. This modern kitchen design works in a similar way to the previous, using timbers as the tall cabinets and the darker colour as the base cabinets, with the lighter grey benchtop colour blending the two. The simplicity of this design becomes a large part of its impact.

Applying our colours to a modern design.

Modern Kitchen design render

3D Visulisation for upcoming job in Ardross.

A successful modern kitchen design maintains a clean, contemporary colour palette while satisfying a modern form. A modern kitchen design can take the shape of many things, however, a stable is always clean, with geometric shapes that reflect a strong form. To achieve this look in your kitchen design, its important to stick to clear geometrics. Sharp lines with box features is the essential tricks of modern design.

In this specific job, we have taken that in two main design features, the feature canopy and the island bench. The canopy was designed to give a strong shape preference in a higher vertical position, This familial shape in an unfamiliar position immediately gives the space a level of visual interest  that engages with a modern design.

The island bench, while looking detailed, is simply the same basic shape repeated. This is the simplicity of modern kitchen design, and it very rarely needs to get more intricate than this. Having a sound understanding of design principles can let you create spaces like this with ease.

The images and projects shown throughout this blog have been ideas and creations from the Kitchens Perth team using some of our favorite suppliers around Perth. If you are looking to create your own unique modern space, contact us for a friendly conversation.

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