Some key accessories to consider are listed below and all have elements of being clever space savers, looking modern and sleek as well as being ergonomic. A kitchen is a space which needs to flow and maximise its use. Kitchen Perth are key leaders when it comes to making decisions of which accessories best suit your kitchen and lifestyle needs. It is important to maximise the cupboard and drawer space enabling the kitchen to be at full storage capacity. Below are some brilliant accessory ideas that Kitchens Perth recommends when renovating your kitchen. Be inspired by the innovative accessories list as per below.

photo of euro style waste bin

Euro Cargo Bin

Euro Cargo bins have been designed to separate rubbish from recycle rubbish to general rubbish. Kitchens Perth understands the importance of separating the two rubbish types. The bins are designed to be easily lifted out for emptying and cleaning. They are mounted onto smooth runners and designed to be placed into a cupboard or drawer depending upon the size of the bin required. The important factor here is that they are not in the way whilst the kitchen is being utilised. There are two convenient sizes of Euro Cargo Bins being a larger bin or a standard sized bin.

photo of hidden cabinet drawer

La Mans Style Corner Units

We have all been caught with our heads locked into those uncomfortable useless corner spaces. Great news as we have a solution for your problem. The La Mans Style Corner Unit optimises the whole corner space by allowing the unit to completely glide out of the cupboard and come directly out to you. You can directly access every item which you have stored allowing for quicker finding of what you need without feeling stressed. The unit is sleek, modern and convenient to use.

photo of pull out spice rack

Oil and Spice Pull Out Racks

The Oil and Spice Pull Out Racks are one of our hottest items. The rummaging around the back of cupboards is a past event when using this elegant rack. The Oil and spice pull out rack is easy to use and a time efficient way to locate your cooking oils and spices. These sleek racks extend from your cabinetry and allow you to completely view the spices and oils available.

photo of under sink drawers

Under Sink Drawers

Kitchens Perth love using under sink drawers as they are a unique way of accessing the full space underneath the kitchen sink. These drawers are unique as they operate around the sink in a U shape allowing you effortlessly to access the entire space underneath the sink. When renovating a kitchen In Perth we would encourage our clients to consider using Under Sink Drawers within their new kitchen design as they are modern and an ergonomic accessory for today’s kitchen.

photo of revolving cabinet

Revolving Corners

Another brilliant corner saving accessory recommended by us is the Revolving Corner. This accessory simply rotates in the corner allowing you access to the whole corner. They are designed to come into view as you open the cupboard. The unit comprises of two shelves which can be used to store cooking equipment and utensils or cooking products. The revolving corner is easy to operate and creates a modern practical solution to any corner within the kitchen.

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