Renovations to smaller homes and units are quite popular in Perth right now, so it should be of no surprise that compact kitchens are required! Kitchen Designers at Kitchens Perth are coming up with innovative methods for maximising space in the small kitchen market. Just because your kitchen is bite-sized doesn’t mean it can’t be charming and efficient.

Check out some of the best small kitchen ideas on our list!

photo of small renovated kitchen

  1. Minimalism

No matter what your visual taste is, the key to making small kitchen designs work is by keeping it simple. A minimalist approach can make your kitchen feel more spacious and orderly, which is why so many compact kitchens in Perth are basic yet aesthetically pleasing.

Photo of inside cabinets

  1. Concealment

Some spaces don’t even have enough room for a full kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without one! Concealed kitchens are uber popular right now, featuring compact appliances and counters that serve a dual purpose or can be hidden with a variety of unique and visually appealing doors or shades. You can put your whole kitchen away when you’re done whipping up your meals!

  1. Galley Kitchen Hacks

Much like concealed kitchens, galley kitchens are all about turning the smallest space possible into your food prep area. Bright, light colours like white, cream and yellow open up narrow spaces, while small custom counters and tall storage units transform these hallway-like rooms into the compact kitchens Perth residents love.

  1. Single-Wall Kitchens

If you’ve got more space than a galley, but you crave the extra room to socialise, a single-wall kitchen may be the perfect option for you. With all your cabinetry and appliances neatly arranged against one single wall, the rest of the kitchen is spacious enough for a large kitchen table. It’s often a good idea to have additional portable or temporary prep areas in kitchens designed around this concept.

Photo of renovated kitchen

  1. Cut the Clutter & Multitasking Tools

We’ve mentioned minimalism as a style, but let’s talk about the lifestyle that goes with it. Do you have stuff in your kitchen that you don’t use regularly? Are there cooking tools out there that are more compact, or that can perform multiple jobs so you can cut back on the clutter? You’d be surprised how much room your small kitchen has when you streamline your belongings!

  1. Built-in Storage

Custom and built-in storage are absolute musts when it comes to compact kitchens! Consider adding smart storage options like racks inside of your cupboard doors for small and flat items. Also, don’t overlook seemingly useless corners and other awkward spaces that could be great areas for custom shelves—and take them all the way to the ceiling!

  1. Pretty is as Pretty Does

Maximise your kitchen’s space and its appearance by choosing cookware, utensils, and dishes that look good on display! Take inspiration from cooking videos and professional chefs. A stack of ceramic mixing bowls on your island can be both beautiful and functional.

Small kitchen design should be both fun and refreshing – it’s time to use that compact kitchen the right way!


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