When considering renovating your kitchen it is important to think carefully if your existing space is satisfactory for your needs. Often the kitchen shape can be changed if you are prepared to change your flooring. At Kitchens Perth we encourage our clients to create a new space which caters best to suit their lifestyle needs. Small open U-shaped kitchens can be replaced with a longer galley or L shaped kitchen if space permits. This usually entails removing an internal wall and possibly also creating a scullery area for wet preparations and also has the convenience of extra kitchen space which is hidden away.

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Kitchens Perth offers an Interior Design service which is beneficial during the selection stage of materials to be used for the new kitchen. We can also advise and purchase furniture and soft furnishings to complete and compliment the whole newly renovated space. At Kitchens Perth we also specialise in all wet areas, i.e. Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen areas. If Renovating these spaces, we suggest that you renovate the kitchen and laundry together to create flow with selections as usually the laundry is located quite closely to the kitchen.

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When you are designing your new bathroom, it is important to try and design your new space so that the toilet is not visible from the entry point. This can be achieved by simply putting in a half wall which can be tiled in either the floor tile or a feature smaller tile. If you have a small bathroom with an existing bath dominating the space, you are better to remove the bath and put in an oversized shower with perhaps a wall seat which is also tiled. Oversized showers look glamourous and are more practical than squeezing a bath back into your existing space. Hand showers are a fantastic feature and very practical as not everyone wants to wet their hair when showering. Recessed shelving is a great space saving feature which tucks away your toiletries and looks sleek and modern.

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Sleek wall mounted cabinets are preferable as they create a feeling of peace and tranquillity. A gorgeous basin mounted on top in a modern shape or even a contrasting colour also creates a simple point of difference. Kitchens Perth create spaces which are practical, user friendly and above all … timeless. The new spaces created are then ready to enjoy for many years to come. For information on Perth home renovations contact us today.

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