When browsing different kitchens for inspiration one of the most prevalent things most people notice is the arrangement of the benchtops. Benchtops can add not only a cosmetic twist but a utility change for the whole kitchen giving it a new purpose for entertainers, families and or special functions. In today’s Kitchens Perth blog, we are going to go into detail on three common benchtop layouts that everyone should consider when looking to renovate their kitchen in Perth, WA!

Breakfast Bars

“The family kitchen”

kitchen setting with white chairs

Breakfast bars have been around for such a long time it is almost a must to put one into your next kitchen renovation, but why are they so widely popular? Breakfast bars are perfect for families as they naturally invite company into the kitchen. We have mentioned this saying before in previous blogs but at Kitchens Perth we truly do believe that the heart of the home is in the kitchen, and breakfast bars encourage kids to do homework, relax or even just hangout in the kitchen observing their parents cooking and transforming a seemingly single purpose-built space into one that can encourage socialising.


Island Benches

“The entertainer’s kitchen”

kitchen with seats and benchtop


Island benches are not only visibly striking but assist in those who entertain at their house frequently allowing the conversation to flow into the kitchen. I am sure most people who hold house dinner parties are very adjusted to the sight of sitting behind the kitchen preparing food while their family and friends enjoy the night, however this isolated norm is no longer required with island benches as it can invite guests to be engaged with what you’re cooking inspiring conversation and a level of engagement that can let everyone be involved with the party. Island benches can become even more social when pairing them with cooktops or even a sink if required when renovating a kitchen in Perth.


Deeper Benchtops

“Extra storage, who could complain?”

modern kitchen with downlights

Deeper benchtops work especially well on islands however they can be utilised anywhere in the kitchen. A deeper benchtop extends the typical 600mm benchtop over to a 900mm all the way up to a 1200mm benchtop, when this decision is made for the kitchen it allows for additional storage utilising both sides of the island bench. These double cabinets give that additional storage that home owners look for in a kitchen. Having these hidden storage compartments beneath the breakfast bar allows for extra items to be stored that gives them a home in a secluded location.


Out of these three benchtops that we have gone into it is not important to understand the exact specifications for an island benchtop but it’s good to know what you want to use your kitchen for, if you have a family and want that type of socialisation encouraged in the house, a breakfast bar is perfect for you! If you want to entertain you cannot go wrong with an island benchtop. And if you want your kitchen to have additional storage for yourself or rentals, deeper benchtops work perfect!


If you would like to see more examples of these benchtops be sure to check out Kitchens Perth’s website for ‘before and after’s’ to view all kinds of benchtops. Kitchens Perth your best choice for a kitchen and or bathroom renovation in Perth.

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