How to add value to your Perth home

Does a kitchen add value to a home? Simple answer is yes, a kitchen can not only act as a benchmark for future developments in a home but it is the most used and social location of the house.

After renovating over 500 homes we can say without a doubt that people who want to increase the value in their home usually start with the kitchen, and today we’re going to give you some inside information on the reasons why the kitchen is so valuable, how a kitchen can act as a benchmark and finishing off with straightforward renovation tips on what to renovate in the kitchen.

Why is the kitchen so valuable?

The kitchen by all means is the heart of the house, as for every family it is at the centre of day to day living, nearly everyone starts their day in the kitchen either making breakfast or for a hot drink and ends it with dinner or maybe even some dessert. With so much usage the kitchen acts as a central hub for the family and how effectively it works greatly depends how it is designed and what functionality it supports.

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A kitchen that covers all the essentials needs to be well designed and most kitchens will need, an oven, microwave, dishwasher and centre a fridge however it is the additional amenities such as a coffee machine, toaster or even a new ZIP Tap allowing for instant boiling or cold water that gives a kitchen that additional use ability for the family.

How you can add value to your home through your kitchen renovation in Perth, WA.

Strictly focusing on the functionality of the kitchen shows it has a lot to offer making it obvious how it is the most important room in the house.

How a kitchen can act as a benchmark

The functionality of a kitchen is very important however so is the cosmetic impact of the kitchen, since the kitchen is most definitely the central hub for the family it is the most looked upon frequently used space. If the kitchen is severely outdated visually it can have a severe negative impact on the value of the house as most people want to start their day in a fresh & inspiring location.

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Renovating the kitchen first allows for a freshly renovated area that acts as a benchmark for future development. If you have an old home with outdated living areas but a brand-new kitchen, potential buyers can see the development of the house and can envision the rest of it starting from the kitchen.

Essential tips for renovating the kitchen

The first thing we do when we sit down with clients is to ask them for the purpose of their renovation, they either want updated decal, updated functionality or are they renovating to sell their house. These questions are so important as identifying this is the key to understanding what the client needs and how we can customize the renovation to fit their scenario.

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If you are looking to sell your property or just add value to the location there are a few tips when renovating that are a must-have for a valuable kitchen.

1: The island bench

kitchen with seats and benchtop

An island bench is important for every family especially ones with children, the island bench can increase the social interactions in the home as it bridges the gap between the dinner table and the kitchen enabling children to do possible homework, study or any other type of work while conversing with the people in the kitchen. Potential buyers who have families or are looking to start one love seeing this bridge between eating and socialising

2: Floor to ceiling cabinetry










Floor to ceiling cabinetry doesn’t just give a visual impact but serves as a very practical function for the kitchen. Additional storage is something that every family wants as the last thing you want in your kitchen is not enough space to store ingredients to have complex meals.

3: Benchtop as the splash back

If you want to make your kitchen feel like something lux and exquisite a great tip is to simply run your benchtop material to the splashbacks, this simple trick will make the area feel cohesive and elegant and therefore stimulating the kitchen’s value.


That’s all for today’s blog, we hope it has been informative and we’ll see you next time.

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