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A new kitchen is a great way to add value to your lifestyle and your property. It is important to get the design and selections right from the beginning as a new kitchen is an investment which should be in line with the value of your home. A Kitchen can cost varying amounts depending upon the size of the new kitchen, the other associated works required and the products selected to manufacture it.

A smaller kitchen can range in price from $17,000 to $20,000 including trades. An average size kitchen ranges from $20,000 to $26,000 and a larger kitchen from $27,000 and above. The costings will vary from the product used to manufacture the kitchen and the amount of other works that are required to be undertaken ( always better to do these extra required works at the same time especially the flooring) This is using any product from Porcelain benchtops, pre-fabricated colourboard doors to stone bench tops and 2 Pac Lacquered doors. It is important to consider the value of your property and subsequently design your new kitchen around this value keeping all costs in line with that. You do not want to over capitalize or under invest with your new kitchen renovation in Perth.

Often it is said by real estate companies that the kitchen is one of the main areas within the home which is responsible for the sale and they advise to spend between 5 – 10% of the value of your home on your kitchen renovation. Therefore with an investment such as this it is so important to use a professional kitchen designer and renovation company to advise you on the best solution for your home. At Kitchens Perth our qualified designers can assist you with the best kitchen design and products to suit your particular situation.

How Long Will A New Kitchen Renovation Take?

At Kitchens Perth we are aware of the challenges which our clients face whilst their kitchen is being renovated. We make the transition from old to new as seamless as possible. The first part of the process is to design the appropriate kitchen for your space. It is important to visually be able to see your kitchen within a coloured render image prior to manufacturing your cabinetry. This process allows you to make any subtle changes if need be prior to manufacturing.

It is very costly changing cabinetry once it has been manufactured. The coloured render image can show you the complete kitchen including cabinetry, benchtops, splashback, lighting, appliances and flooring. After the rendered images are confirmed the cabinetry is manufactured ready for installation. Your old kitchen is removed and the services disconnected and new service lines set up. At Kitchens Perth we do most kitchen renovations within two weeks but larger ones with more building or flooring work could take two to three weeks. All of these dates are pre communicated with our clients and our trades from the outset. Contact Us Today for more information

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