At Kitchens Perth we have a saying that the heart of the home is in the Kitchen. Everyone ends up in the kitchen, from cooking, socialising, morning tea or coffee. It’s an area that leads us be together, and that brings us to discuss the very question, with an area that is used for a multitude of things, which benchtop surface should l select?

The benchtop is one of the most hard-working surfaces in your home. No longer is the Kitchen locked behind closed doors but quite the opposite it is the location of plenty of action. Different materials suit different situations depending upon how you want to use your surface. Here are some popular surfaces which Kitchens Perth use in their Kitchen Renovations.



Engineered Stone Benchtops are a popular choice at Kitchens Perth. Brands ranging from Essa Stone, Silestone, Caesarstone, Silestone and Quantum Quartz are just a few popular brands of engineered stone used. Engineered stone comes in a variety of colours and patterns and is constructed with mostly crushed quartz held together with resin. The length of stone is limited to 3 metre lengths so if you are requesting a longer surface than the 3m length Kitchens Perth will finely join the stone sections together. Prices range from standard to premium.



At kitchens Perth if selecting a natural stone bench top, we suggest two types either Marble or Granite. Marble is possibly more popular than the Granite due to the patterning as Granite is usually quite a busy speckled pattern. Clients are informed that if selecting a Marble top during Kitchens Perth design meeting the durability of the Marble is very different to that of Engineered Stone. Due to the natural composition of the Marble it is prone to easily being stained by Turmeric, Red wine, Coffee and Spices. Granite benchtops are less porous than Marble making them more stain and scratch resistant. The advantage of using Marble or Granite is that the product is natural and can often be wider and longer and display beautiful colouring. The finish for Marble or Granite benchtops can be finished in a gloss which is polished or Honed which is a matte finish.



Porcelain Benchtops is the newest type of surface available. Porcelain is made of powdered clay and coloured pigments which are bonded together at very high temperatures. Porcelain can be created to resemble a glossy or matte surface. Its biggest bonus is that it is completely heat resistant which means that it can be used around cooktops. Kitchens Perth recommend an” on-trend” thin, slimline benchtop depth resulting in a clean line modern look. The bulkier looking benchtop does not do justice to this stunning product. Kitchens Perth viewed this product at the Italian Design Fair which was widely used by many European Kitchen Companies as drawer fronts, cabinet sides and wall splashbacks as well as the obvious slimline benchtop.

And that brings us to the end of our benchtop adventure! If you would like to have your kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovated by a family operated business of experts that care about seeing the smile on your face after a seamless kitchen renovation that is perfectly tailored to you in Perth, look no further than Kitchens Perth!

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