How To Create a Scandinavian Style Bathroom?

A ‘Scandi’ bathroom referred to a Scandinavian style bathroom with clean lines, tranquil vibes and understated colours. If there is one thing that the Scandinavians have done right, it is creating a bathroom that most people truly enjoy using. Anyone who has ever been in one of these bathrooms will attest that the experience is addictive. So, what better way to fuel that addiction than to create one in your own home.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can go about creating a Scandi style for your bathroom renovation. However, we’ll start introducing this bathroom style to readers who may not be familiar with what we are talking about.

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Why Choose a Scandi Style Bathroom?

The Scandi style bathroom is characterised by its white and light timbers, arguably much like everything else in Scandinavia. Scandinavian-style bathrooms are one of the few styles that are continuing to grow in popularity. While there are slight and often subtle variations, most designs adhere to the original plan.

One of the most significant selling points of Scandi style bathrooms is their practicality. The design isn’t just beautiful, but the bathroom is meant to make life easier. Furthermore, the look lends itself to many different styles of homes, from contemporary farmhouses to ultra-modern flats.

The Nordic Look

The key component of the Scandinavian style bathroom is a thoughtful design that looks great and is functional. It’s a lot like how modern furniture is designed. Designers take the minimalist approach when it comes to choosing fittings, wall mountings, the toilet suite or a back-to-wall bath. Solid storage is essential, which means you absolutely should have a wall-mounted vanity so that your bathroom does not look cluttered.

The same minimalist approach is taken with the colour palette, and with that, the texture does all the talking. The timber tones offer warmth and comfort while still paying tribute to mother nature as the great designer. The vertically laid wall tile patterns add depth to the design. The floor is covered with porcelain tiles designed to look like natural stone, offering what many believe to be the ideal foundation that does not cost a lot to install or maintain compared to if you were to choose the real deal.

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A Dark Variation to The Scandinavian Bathroom

Now many of you reading this may assume that there isn’t much wiggle room with a Scandi design bathroom, which isn’t true. In fact, here is how you can give it a bit more edge. Add a few matt black accents through the accessories and tapware, which will give it a more modern touch. Furthermore, you can also add matching rails, a toilet roll holder, and the toilet brush in matt black. Not only will this give the bathroom’s design a bit of an edge, but make it stand out in the sense that you can quickly find what you need when you need it!


As you can see, creating a Scandinavian-style bathroom isn’t challenging. However, if you want your bathroom design to stand out, it is crucial you hire a professional to help with it.

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