If you are looking to Renovate your current bathroom in Perth, then the below key trends are a must-read from Kitchen Renovations Perth. The hottest bathroom trends are all inspired by nature. Bathrooms should be places where the atmosphere is tranquil, and the selections layered with texture. A space for balance and inspiration should be the true reflection of the bathroom according to Kitchens Perth.

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Natural Selections/Materials

Natural-looking products such as wood and stone continue to be a leader with current trends when selecting your tiles and vanities with Kitchens Perth. Organic compositions such as stone are the hottest products when selecting your vanity top. This type of product can be found via a composite stone, marble, granite or terrazzo finish. Kitchens Perth either suggest you pop the vanity by making it a bold statement piece or flow the colour scheme through with the surrounding wall and floor tiles.

Colour concepts such as grey concrete tops or white-grey veined effects are forecasted to be the hottest trend for 2019. Our trending selection is either complimenting the vanity tops with a wood grain colour board in contrasting tones such as grey with a natural light brown wood tone or using similar hues of colour such as a white top with a white vanity to appear to be a seamless finish. Kitchens Perth also suggest a natural-toned floor which can be also used to become a whole feature wall in one colour. Think natural tones however imagine these tones all complimenting each other to create a beautiful peaceful space which the new age bathroom has become.

photo of renovated bathroom


Creating lighting choices within your bathroom space is crucial when renovating your bathroom. Kitchens Perth believe that lighting is as essential in choice as the tiles for the wall and floor area. The types of lighting can vary from ceiling to wall lighting as well as under vanity lighting which looks absolutely stunning at night as the hue of light sweeps across the floor. Wall sconces are famous for creating mood lighting and always add a little pizazz to smaller bathroom areas. Larger areas look amazing with pendant lighting enhancing the vanity area. At Kitchens Perth the latest lighting seems to be in Pendant form whether hanging from the ceiling and offset into a corner as a cluster of pendants in varying sizes or identical pendants being placed on either side of the vanity for that dramatic look. Popular pendant choices are circular, retro globes, caged lights and lux glass.

photo of renovated bathroom with double vanity


Oversized, mosaic, organic and honed stoned finished tiles are the latest trends when selecting your bathroom tiles. By using different shaped or sized tiles on the wall opposed to the floor creates an organic, timeless space which reflects the inspirations of nature. We like to create individual spaces and looks according to what best suits the client. Border tiles are a past event where the more natural dramatic look of varied tile sizes within the bathroom space are the on-trend selection for 2019. Many hues of natural colour tones are forecasted to be big such as greys, browns and charcoals. These hues of colour are evident within the concrete tile look, volcanic natural charcoal look and the earths stone effects such as travertine, sandstone and limestone. Kitchens Design Perth cleverly combine varied sizes of tiles within the bathroom space creating an organic, clean and contemporary space which is so important for relaxing.

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