How To Prepare For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Renovation

When Kitchens Perth Renovate your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry it is quite important to understand what you need to do prior to the renovation taking place.

Please find some tips and tricks to help you through the renovation process.


Firstly, and most importantly you need to prepare your space for Kitchens Perth to smoothly commence demolition of your existing area.

If Kitchens Perth are replacing your kitchen you need to remove all of your items which are located in your existing cupboards and drawers.

Mt Claremont Old Kitchen

It is a great time to cleanse through and look at what is out of date in your pantry!!!  : – )

All items need to be completely taken from the existing kitchen and placed into cardboard boxes away from the construction area to prevent dust entering and covering them.

When you remove your all of your kitchen items and if you find you have not used something in the last six months it could be a good idea to de clutter and give those items away to free up valuable space. You can give them away to friends and family or perhaps you can box them up and give them to the Red Cross of other charity groups

All items which you are keeping need to be well away from the area which is being renovated as dust does travel quite a long distance. If you have some spare linen, you can stack boxes on top of each other and then cover them with sheets for extra protection.

Any furniture which is within the renovated area should also be well covered with oversized sheets to prevent fine dust from covering it. For example; dining chairs, dining table side tables, little treasures, mirrors, art work and ornaments. Some dust will unfortunately find its way too many unwanted places so those items need to be well prepared for this.

Secondly whilst Kitchens Perth are replacing your kitchen you need to set up a little temporary kitchen for a few days and this is easy to do. You can BBQ outside under cover for a few nights, you can set up a toaster, kettle and microwave into the laundry area or on a side table which is away from the renovating area if your laundry is also being renovated.

Duncraig Old Kitchen

The actual time of “No Kitchen” is minimal and is usually around the one-week mark so you will be up and running again in no time. (As we are one of the Quickest Kitchen renovation companies in Perth)


When Kitchens Perth replace your bathroom, you need to also prepare for the renovation. Remove all items from the cupboards and put the items into labelled cardboard boxes. This makes it so much easier when unpacking.

If the bathroom which is being replaced is near your living areas or bedroom you need to keep the doors closed during the day to prevent any further dust from travelling into these areas. You should also cover your carpets with plastic and tape down to prevent muck from entering onto them.

The more prepared you are the less clean-up you have to do at the end of the renovation.

Kitchens Perth try very hard to prevent too much mess with all trades cleaning up after themselves.

I hope that these tips and tricks help to minimise the dust and your afterwards clean up.

Good luck with your exciting project and the small amount of stress is actually all worth it in the end.

Just remember the more prepared you are for the renovation the less stress you have with returning your items back to your beautiful new space.

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