Kitchen Cupboard Surface Finishes

There are a number of stunning finishes which can be used to create an individual look when selecting your kitchen surfaces. Our exciting blog this month is all about the types of finishes that are available to you here at Kitchens Perth.

COLOURBOARD Doors and Panels

There are many colours, wood grains ,metallics and textures available to create your dream kitchen.

COLOURBOARD is a melamine product with a matching product edge. The edge of the melamine doors and panels is now a terrific 1mm thick which creates a “fluid like” join. The product is modern durable and hygienic which is made from low maintenance materials. Cleaning is easy too with the simple wiping down of the surface with a clean warm wet rag.

Sorrento Renovation by Kitchens Perth

You can use a smooth COLOURBOARD finish and integrate a wood grain finish as highlights. At Kitchens Perth we quite often use a two tone selection in our beautifully designed and manufactured kitchens. The wood grain finishes are incredibly realistic. You can use a wood Matt finish which offers subtle wood grain embossing which looks and feels like an actual wood veneer.

The most popular types of COLOURBOARD at Kitchens Perth are;

  • COLOURBOARD smooth Range Matt
  • COLOURBOARD standard Range
  • COLOURBOARD Fine-grain Range
  • COLOURBOARD Wood Matt Range

One of the most popular doors used in Kitchens Perth Designs are square edge doors. You can even use a contrasting product such as aluminium behind the drawers where the finger pull is located which creates a modern linear look.

The two tone kitchen is very popular at Kitchens Perth. Depending upon the selections made a coastal, modern or contemporary feel is created by using this concept.

Thermolaminated Doors and Panels

Thermolaminated doors and panels are made from profiled moisture resistant MDF constructed with a decorative surface on the face and edges. The result is a stylish fully profiled door. This product comes in an array of colours, profiles and finish options. Thermolaminated doors and panels are functional and often give a Hampton Styled theme to the kitchen. At kitchens Perth we often use these doors for bathrooms, laundries and wardrobes.

Kingsley 2 Tone Kitchen by Kitchens Perth

It is a very popular type of door for rustic, federation and classical themed kitchens or bathrooms. At kitchens Perth we often use darker colours to bring about a modern twist to the classical Hampton Kitchen created.

Painted Doors and  Panels

Painted doors and panels usually involve a profile of some description . Painted doors bare an option if you cannot find the exact colour in a Thermolaminated door or panel.

Jane Brook Renovation by Kitchens Perth

A colour can be selected from either Dulux or Taubmans Which is then painted between 4 to 6 times to create durability within the product. It is the most expensive choice of all of the doors and panels.

To conclude we at kitchens Perth have an amazing choice of products and colours to create unique individual kitchens of your choice.

Our team of professional designers effortlessly put together personalised kitchen, bathroom and laundry selection choices to meet or clients individual needs.

Good luck with your kitchen renovation and thank you for reading this educational blog.

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