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Benchtop Advice

Kitchen benchtops are available in many colours and available from an array of manufacturers. When selecting your benchtop, it is important to reflect what type of theme you are intending to create within your new kitchen space. At Kitchens Perth we work carefully with our clients to advise them on which benchtop product is best suitable to their situation. Benchtops can be speckled, dark, light, plain, marbled or veined. The type of benchtop used immediately creates the mood of the kitchen.

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If you have a darker floor and limited natural light you may like to lighten the space by introducing a lighter top. If your area has a darker floor and allows quite a lot of natural light through into the kitchen then a darker top can be used. Our designers at Kitchens Perth have noticed the trend of using concrete-coloured benchtops or off-white benchtops with a slight vein pattern throughput the surface. It is also quite on trend to change the bench top colour within your kitchen space. For example, you may want to highlight your island benchtop and make it contrast to the rest of your kitchen benchtop space. Kitchens Perth may also suggest you use a veined benchtop on your main kitchen benchtop and a plain darker benchtop product on your Island.

It is quite costly to run your benchtop up as a back splashback. If this is the case Kitchens Perth can advise you with a selection of stunning tiles or glass to compliment your stone benchtop.

Cabinetry Advice

Cabinetry selected for your new kitchen must compliment your benchtop. It is quite on trend to two tone your kitchen cabinets. By two toning your cabinetry you create a modern and elegant feel to your kitchen. When you two tone it is usually where the top overhead cabinets are either a darker tone or a wood grain tone which is selected by the designers at Kitchens Perth to compliment the main base cabinets.

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Darker bolder cabinets are also proving to be popular such as Denim Blue or a Charcoal colour in a flat finish or woodgrain finish. Kitchens Perth are unique as the bold choices made by clients are computer generated so that the client can view their choice prior to manufacture. Kitchens Perth mainly select colourboard from Laminex or Polytec and also provide the opportunity for clients to have their cabinets painted. Depending upon the type of kitchen style you are creating the cabinet product will be selected to reflect your choice. You can select your new kitchen to have all handles or no handles, two toned or one tone, darker tones or paler tones at kitchens Perth we do not restrict you during the section process as your kitchen must reflect your own personality. When you view Kitchens Perth Gallery you will see quite an array of stunning individual kitchens designed purely to meet each client’s particular needs.

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