Hello everyone and welcome back to another Kitchen’s Perth Blog! Before we get into the topic of the month, we here at the Kitchens Perth team would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a warm welcome to the exciting year of 2021!

Cat in a kitchen Kitchens Perth2020 Was tough for a lot of different people but let’s keep our fingers crossed this year will bring new possibilities and be one to remember!

For today’s blog let us delve into the celebrations of the new year and discuss our predictions and ideas for kitchen renovations in Perth. Here at Kitchens Perth, we tailor each design to the client, no matter what situation we develop the best design solution to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Doing this naturally pushes us to all different types of niche designs stretching from retro, natural, industrial and many more. However, with most client’s classic designs from Contemporary to Hampton are what is most desirable, so how do we transform such highly requested design styles into unique individualized solutions for clients? Well, today we are going to be looking into some of the upcoming trends we are going to be implementing into some of the most requested design styles over Perth.


Designing for a natural flow

Contemporary kitchens are best placed near natural areas, be it the front or back yard anywhere next to nature allows for privileged design solutions that can elevate a contemporary design to the next level.

Kitchens Perth Modern Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens are more becoming a simplistic environment that allows for a natural flow between the kitchen and outside living. Contemporary kitchens have a strong advantage of being allowed to compliment other spaces, natural greenery is a major strong point, however even in apartments or other tight living environments contemporary kitchens can take advantage of a minimalistic style to flow into a living room or even a dining room.

Creating open spaces in kitchens

Designer Kitchen Renovation in Maylands

Contemporary kitchens excel at producing clean leading lines that develop a cohesive harmony throughout the kitchen, in doing so it is a perfect opportunity to open a kitchen exposing cabinetry, shelves and other storage methods to bring a bit of charm into a kitchen. Open kitchens don’t only assist in every day-to-day practicality but add a truly unique design to the kitchen.


Two-Toned cabinetry

Hampton styled kitchens are by far one of the most popular choices in Perth, the reason being is the simplicity with a traditional twist. However, with people being locked indoors all day some people do not want to look at the typical white on white every time they step into their kitchen, so beginning us off with the first Hampton trend is a very basic two-tone cabinetry.

Two tonned cabinets Kitchens Perth

Two-tone cabinetry is a very simple way to implement another element in your Hampton kitchen, be it through overhead cabinetry or the contrast in the under-bench galley kitchen as shown in the image above. Here in the kitchen, the two-toned charcoal cabinetry works to pick up the freestanding cooktop allowing for a cohesive flow from both sides of the kitchen. The two-tone does not defy Hampton features but compliments the simplistic features that are desirable when looking for a Hampton kitchen. This simple yet elegant style will be a sure hit in Perth for 2021.

Hampton with a rustic twist

Hampton has always inspired a vintage, clean aesthetic however as the times develop having rough edges, hardwood and even textured walls can go a long way in creating a rustic twist in which we are confident will pop any Hampton kitchen.

Kitchen Perth Kitchen Renovation in Nedlands

As displayed in the image above you can have many additional elements in a Hampton kitchen while keeping to the core of what a Hampton kitchen is all the while injecting some excitement and individuality in a kitchen. The hardwood flooring paired with the layered wooden walling perfectly contrasts the clean shaker profile doors creating a rustic aesthetic. Supporting this is the matt black fully exposed rangehood showing the kitchen’s true colors on display. A Hampton kitchen with rustic tones is sure to be a hit through 2021 in Kitchen Renovations throughout Perth.

A cleaner Hampton with a better splashback

Hampton styled kitchens are typically very stylistic in their design with clean shaker profile doors and a linear splashback. However, an upcoming trend is putting a typical benchtop onto the splashback, either the same material as the benchtop or a unique tile that blends with the color of the benchtop.

Kitchens Perth benchtop splashback

The image above shows a white marble splashback which compliments the clean white benchtop. This upcoming trend allows a classical Hampton kitchen to have that additional feature in it to really give it more character.


That is it for today’s blog! We at Kitchens Perth hope you learned a little bit and got some insight into what you can do coming into 2021 with your kitchen space! The possibilities are limitless for both kitchens and the year, we hope you all stay safe and have a joy-filled year!

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