When it comes to renovating your kitchen there is a multitude of choices and options that you will have to choose from and it can be very overwhelming, especially when it comes to what style suits your home the best. Here at Kitchens Perth, we aim to curate a perfectly tailored renovation to suit your particular taste, needs, and desires.  

With all of that being said sometimes we know what you want when it comes to the design, so here are some of our favorite kitchen renovation styles that we know that you’re going to love.  



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A popular design style that we see a lot of in Perth is the contemporary linear. This is due to clients wanting clean lines and a seamless look. The contemporary linear is a perfect hybrid kitchen renovation that will place well in older styled homes and new.

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It’s easy to look at with its reverse handle design and flowing benchtops and then adding a waterfall end to to make a seamless transition into your flooring of choice. 

Overall the contemporary linear is a very popular kitchen that is for those who want to see some change but don’t want their kitchen to overpower the living space. 




The organic kitchen is one that assists in bringing the feeling of nature inside your living space, with a focus on using earthy tones and often using a variety of textures. Being a Western Australian kitchen renovation company we have some clients request a more natural renovation style. 

This usually involves the challenge of bringing in elements such as the green of trees, this can be achieved through tall windows opening up to a garden. The sand and water of the beaches can be achieved through the benchtop and splashback as well as the tones of the earth itself into your kitchen environment which can be incorporated through flooring and or cabinet selections.  

On the contrary, to the classic contemporary the organic can make more of a statement and act as more of a centerpiece to your house.  



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Want to make a classical, classy statement with your kitchen renovation? Hamptons may be the option for you. The Hamptons style makes focus on a large island benchtop. In this specific renovation, the island benchtop was turned into a hybrid wine rack as well as a couch, making the most of the design space available and offering a unique take on the Hamptons style.  

The cabinets detailing also assist in defining the style, along with the black, white and darker timber tones all combine to make a tasteful, timeless kitchen. This is an example of a full facelift of a kitchen renovation, multiple walls were taken out and a solid portion of the house has now been dedicated to this Hampton style which looks absolutely jaw-dropping. Definitely, a good option if you are wanting to expand into something a bit more traditional.  

That concludes our brief list of some of our most popular kitchen styles! If you would like to have your kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovated by a family operated business of experts that care about seeing the smile on your face after a seamless kitchen renovation that is perfectly tailored to you in Perth, look no further than Kitchens Perth! Call to chat with Lisa or Ian to see if indeed we are the ideal partners to suit your kitchen renovation needs in Perth, Western Australia. 

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