Subway tiles have been what’s hot in newly renovated kitchens in Perth for a couple of years now, and to celebrate the classic subway tile we have decided to document in this blog to display the creativity and multiple application of the humble subway tile.


Subway tiles have been popularized due to the vast number of situations they can fit themselves into, Modern, Hampton or Colonial styled kitchens all have a place for them, here are a few examples of how subway tiles work in these different categories of kitchen design Perth.


Subway Tiles in  A Modern Hampton Kitchen Design

Subway tiles in Modern Hampton kitchen design

The picture above fits into a typical modern Hamptons styled kitchen with a few innovative twists as made apparent by the hot red rangehood, freestanding stove, and the fridge. The subway tiles compliment the kitchen by giving it that extra texture you would desire in a modern styled kitchen. A beautiful white on white allows the red to pop making it the highlight of the kitchen. It isn’t always necessary to make subway tiles the ‘hero’ of the design but instead uses them to complement other components of the design. Subway tiles don’t always have to be laid traditionally, you can flip them and pattern them to make a herringbone tile which can also shake up the kitchen design. These tiles don’t have to grab attention but can add an additional element of texture to your kitchen.


Hampton designs are usually light, bright with a sophisticated yet have a beachy vibe that comes across as ‘homely’ or calming. Similar to the Modern kitchen the subway tiles are implemented to complement the shaker style doors and bring the kitchen together. Subway tiles are used best to compliment the kitchen and as a bonus, they create additional texture and a rustic feel to any design, perfect for a Hampton kitchen.


Subway Tiles in A Contemporary Linear Kitchen Design

Subway tiles in Contemporary Linear kitchen design

This picture shows a kitchen renovation in Peth showing a modern and clean linear style cabinet work with a denim blue subway tile using a contrasting white grout.


This gives the modern looking kitchen a traditional twist using these particular tiles.


Subway Tiles in A Modern Colonial Kitchen Design

Subway tiles in Modern Colonial kitchen design


This kitchen show you can use subway tiles in a Modern Colonial kitchen in Perth, Western Australia


These subway tiles are used to be the hero of the room and there are many ways you can draw attention to subway tiles, either through texture (as seen with a bevelled edge) or through colour.


There are many more ways you can use subway tiles, however here at Kitchens Perth we hope that by viewing over this blog you might be able to have some ideas on how you can implement subway tiles (hero or not) into your kitchen! Contact us today to book in your free appointment.

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