The Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Benchtops are amongst the most interactive surfaces in our homes being touched more than any other. That’s why it is essential to choose the right materials to suit your situation, especially ensuring that they meet your kitchen’s needs. Here is our pick and a quick comparison of the most hard wearing and best materials for your kitchen benchtops.

Engineered stone benchtops

Engineered stone is a fancy name for what is crushed quartz that’s held together using advanced resins. The good thing about these benchtops is that they are available in numerous finishes and colours and they look exactly the same from the sample to the finish product. The slab sizes are user friendly for our stone masons and ideally, you will want to pair engineered stone benchtops with a low profile sink so that the edges aren’t easily damaged by pans, pots and other items hitting against it.

Stunning Engineered Benchtop and Waterfall Slab End by Kitchens Perth

In terms of cost, the standard selections are quite reasonable with ultra-select option can double or even triple the cost of a stone benchtop.

Natural Stone

Jauparana granite and Statuarietto marble are some of the most popular and durable natural stone benchtops. Like everything, natural each slab tends to be unique, which makes your kitchen stand out. While marble is also a popular choice but it is easily stained by coffee, red wine, spices and water. The good thing about granite is that they are less porous, making them scratch and stain-resistant. Also, granite is a comparatively cheaper and a hard-wearing option available in numerous colours.

Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain Benchtops are becoming more popular due to the hardness of the product and the variety of finishes it is available in.

Porcelain Benchtops by Kitchens Perth

It is basically a natural ceramic product that is baked at very high temperatures and then pressed into a solid block of material.

Through this process, they are able to achieve a very strong and hard-wearing surface that is available in the more sleek and thinner profiles.

Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops like American Oak are made using solid lengths or pieces which have been laminated together. The surface of these benchtops is finished and oiled before they can be used. The other option if you’re in the market for wood is Bamboo benchtops. The advantage of bamboo is that it can be re-finished a few years later to remove marks and stains, after which it looks as good as new.

Laminate Benchtop

Laminate benchtops used to be one of the most popular benchtop selections but now days they are only really used when people are on a budget. Still, they have their time and place and are quite often also used in office furniture.

Stunning Black Benchtop Handless Kitchen by Kitchens Perth

One of the unique features of laminate benchtops is how many colours and textures they are available in, so If someone to request for example a “hot pink theme “this could be achievable by using that material.

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Stainless Steel Benchtops

Stainless steel benchtops being mostly used in commercial kitchens are now making there way into the residential market. One advantage is sinks and splashback can easily be integrated. However, the drawback of a steel benchtop is it scratches easily and can be hard to keep them looking pristine and for that reason do not fine them to be a popular choice.

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