Renovating your kitchen is a wonderful way to update your space, improve your quality of life, impress your guests, and even increase your home’s resale value. Of course, as with all renovations, kitchen renos need to be planned carefully. You want to make sure that you’re choosing a design that will last through trends and a style that compliments your home and personal sense of décor.

Today, there are more options than ever before. If you’re looking for kitchen renovations in Perth, we suggest checking out the top kitchen style trends in cabinets first. Your cabinets essentially set the mood for your kitchen’s style, and these three cabinet trends are some of the hottest and most versatile right now.

Linear Shadow Line

photo of a renovated kitchen

Linear shadow line cabinets are rising in popularity. They’re a sleek, modern, handle-free style that’s gaining popularity not only for kitchen renos, but also for bathroom vanities, entertainment units, and office spaces.

Most shadow line bottom cabinets feature a shark tooth pullout that functions as a finger grip so that the door can be pulled open. Top cabinets usually have a push-to-open feature, or the door extends a small amount below the bottom of the cabinet so that they can be pulled open. If you prefer, the base cabinets can also feature push-to-open functionality. Matching handle-less drawers can also feature cutouts that make them easily opened without handles.

Contemporary and Flush

photo of renovated kitchen with black countertops

Shadow line cabinetry is one handle-less option, but it’s not the only style—and right now, there are plenty of other handle-less options available too. While this look is sleek and contemporary, it also has a certain timeless charm since it’s an homage to the 20th-century interior design style, Bauhaus. Bauhaus is characterised by its simplicity, functionality, and lack of ornamental or decorative additions.

Contemporary, flush, handle-less cabinetry helps to streamline the flow of your kitchen. It evokes both beauty and simplicity. In an uncluttered, clean kitchen, it’s the epitome of chic. One of the most popular options for a contemporary and flush cabinetry style includes using a recessed, stainless-steel channel along the top or bottom side of a drawer or cabinet drawer. Not only does this provide clean, minimalist lines, but it also means that you won’t be leaving fingerprints on your drawers and cabinets because there’s never any need to touch the face of them.

Hampton’s Style

photo of renovated kitchen with white countertops

Handles (or the lack thereof) are, of course, not the be-all and end-all of a kitchen renovation. Hampton’s style kitchens, which combine modern elegance and sophistication with a relaxed and balanced essence, are also trendy—and timeless. “Hampton” refers to the Long Island community that attracts so many New York society players for their vacation months, and therefore reflects the simplicity and appreciation for beauty so many of these beautiful homes evince. To achieve the Hampton’s Style, a combination of pale colours, reserved ornamentation, and a sense of calm, peaceful luxury is ideal.

Whatever you choose for your kitchen renovations, choose something that you love—whether it’s in style or not. Contact us at Kitchens Perth today for more information on how to turn your kitchen renovation dream into a reality.

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