We all love to make our cooking a little easier and no doubt (like me) you have been watching Master Chef and glued to the screen!

The appliances used to make their cooking seamless are exciting and modern.

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Don’t we all love the Chill Blaster that is used to cool hot things down quickly. This appliance is manufactured by quite a few companies with varying costs. The Kitchens Perth team first saw the chill blaster being used in Italy whilst attending the Italian Kitchen and Bathroom design fair in 2018. Smeg make a chill blaster which is built into the undercounter as an oven would be. It quickly and efficiently defrosts, chills and reheats by weight or temperature of the product initially placed into the Chill Blaster. Sleekly designed and minimal and finished in Eclipse black glass which is accentuated by a copper trim. It suits the modern kitchen and busy cook scenario.

Kitchens Perth could design your kitchen space with this sophisticated aesthetics in mind.

Copper handles are on trend as well as clean lines and minimalist modern kitchen spaces.

At Kitchens Perth we recommend appliances which are appropriate for every individual client depending upon their cooking needs. During the Covid 19 lockdown periods cooking at home has been more essential than ever before. Watching TV shows for recipe inspiration and the incentive to cook something different has been on our to do list and is a must before undertaking a kitchen renovation.

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MasterChef has had some insane time challenges where a Pressure Cooker has been required. Kitchens Perth have watched in awe at some of the challenges and been simply dazzled by what was actually cooked in such a small-time frame. Yes, the pressure-cooking challenge! The contestants have been able to make their full flavoured reductions, sauces and protein dishes by simply using a pressure cooker. The machine uses pressure and steam which speeds up the cooking process by around ten times faster than the conventional method. These cookers are great for sauces, curries, lamb shanks, beef cheeks and pasta sauces and could be perfect to be in new kitchen design in Perth.



The Hibachi Grill is a brilliant way to cook BBQ grilled food in your home. The Japanese Yakitori BBQ Porous Ceramic Barbeque Grill is what the contestants have been using on MasterChef. This compact and simple charcoal grill is used to cook meat, seafood, vegetables to give the food an amazing Smokey flavour. These Smokey flavours cannot be achieved from other cooking methods. Yakitori is grilled chicken skewers served usually with vegetables, rice or salad. This appliance is one of Kitchen Perth’s favourites at the moment and Is a great inclusion for your kitchen renovation in Perth.



This appliance allows you to cook in a precise temperature-controlled water bath and normally in a vacuumed sealed bag. The idea is to allow you to completely control the texture of what you are cooking. Sunbeam make a Duos Vide and Slow Cooker.

Well there are a few of Kitchens Perth favourite appliances used to create some of the delicious foods which we are viewing on MasterChef right now. Hoping that everyone is keeping safe during this challenging time of Covid 19 and trying hard to create that special meal which may not only be challenging but importantly delicious and be sure to contact us at Kitchen Designs Perth.

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