We are all possibly looking at uplifting our home space during 2020. No one could have determined the tough year it has been so far with most states in a form of lockdown and travelling to destinations a past event. To find a positive out of this negative l guess one could consider giving your home a new lease of life. It is the perfect time to renovate your home space by creating a positive and uplifting living area where appreciation of nature, colour and relaxing surroundings can be enjoyed. At Kitchens Perth we offer an array of services not just Kitchen Renovations.


Kitchens Perth offer clients endless possibilities from a full Kitchen, laundry and bathroom replacement to renovating your space via room enhancement of furniture replacement, internal makeovers of various living spaces including colour advice, replacement of flooring, purchasing of rugs which can instantly change the feel of a room. On that point our Interior Design Service is a speciality which many Kitchen companies simply do not offer. It is so delightful to flow concepts from the front door to the back door instead of creating an unbalanced home where furnishings and the basic house décor simply do not work with what you have.


At Kitchens Perth we pride ourselves in constantly educating ourselves of what products are forecasted to trend as well as the current trends of new products. This can be from bench top product to cabinetry to flooring and to soft furnishings which compliment your newly renovated space.

The hottest trend right now for cushions, chairs and sofas is VELVET. We are seeing velvet in many forms from plain bold block colours such as Gold, Green, Blue and Rich Burgundy to printed florals which are being used to accent colour a plain sofa. It is actually quite refreshing to see colour and Lux back in our Interior Design industry.


It is often a great Design statement to add plants to your indoor space. Not only do plants relax you but importantly they clean your air. They are natural purifiers. They can be placed in Indoor plant containers and used to screen internal areas, placed high onto sofa tables or clustered in groups to enhance a corner area. If you are creating a new space such as a bathroom a feature window could be used which over looks a beautiful area filled with various luscious plants.


For those Renovating their homes there are so many choices to be made which at times can be confusing and daunting. At Kitchens Perth we take care to listen to our clients needs and design a beautiful space accordingly. We are a fully Service company who takes pride in the whole renovating process from the initial phone call to the design and the final result of the renovation. We offer the added luxury of providing our clients with the option of using our inhouse Interior designer if required.

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