Everyone always loves some tips on the latest Trends on their favourite place in the home …The Kitchen!

Especially when renovating a kitchen in Perth.

This blog is all about Summer survival with appliance Trends and as well some delicious recipes which are simply mouth-watering.

Filtered Water is often a consideration when Renovating a kitchen. There are several options available depending upon the initial investment you want to make.

Firstly, there are several Fridge’s which offer filtered water. These fridges need to be plumbed into the existing water supply allowing the water to flow through the filter and into your dispenser. The temperature of the water is quite cool so not really needing the ice element added. The Filtered Water fridges also offer crushed iced and ice cubes which come in handy, especially if entertaining.

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There are several brands which offer a French Door solution and Filtered water in both Stainless-Steel colourways as well as a dark grey\charcoal. These fridges are either French door freezer opening or a double drawer freezer configuration. Some Fridges to view with a variable price range are;
LG French Door, Westinghouse French Door and Samsung French Door are just a few to view the freezer drawer, French door and colour choices available.

For the those “Modern Millies” out there, the on-Trend solution for cooled filtered Water is a Zip Tap. Zip Taps come in a few configurations and are installed directly onto your benchtop. The idea is basically to install hot and cold water in a one tap scenario replacing the kettle and the option of filtered water from a Fridge so it can be a cost saving device. The latest addition the Zip Tap range is a combination of three waters; Boiling, chilled and sparkling. Fantastic for Kitchens In Perth.

Lastly l am going to finish with a delicious refreshing salad suitable for the whole family.

¼ Water Melon
½ Red Salad Onion
4 Sprigs of fresh mint

Cube Watermelon and place into a drainer as the juice needs to run through to prevent the watermelon from becoming soggy
Finely cut the red onion and fresh mint and add to the watermelon
Refrigerate for 4 hours and serve into a beautiful bowl.
Garnish with whole mint leaves.


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