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Get the latest tips and trends of Kitchen Perth about kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation.

red kitchen

Colours in Interior Design and Histories That Connect Them

Colours in Interior Design and Histories That Connect Them Hello everyone! For this blog we are going to do something quite different, instead of talking about a design trend, renovation tricks or any other kitchen-related topic we are delving into colour theory, history and how it can apply to interior design. Truthfully, colour theory is…
Porcelain Benchtops

The Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials

The Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials Benchtops are amongst the most interactive surfaces in our homes being touched more than any other. That’s why it is essential to choose the right materials to suit your situation, especially ensuring that they meet your kitchen’s needs. Here is our pick and a quick comparison of the most hard…
Galley Kitchen

The Most Popular Kitchen Designs of 2021

Often at Kitchens Perth clients ask us which kitchen designs are popular. There are quite a few variables to take into consideration. Here are some tips to help you consider which shape and style would best suit your needs. Kitchen Shapes There are four main kitchen shapes. The Galley Kitchen The ‘U’ shaped kitchen The…
home value

How to add value to your Perth home

How to add value to your Perth home Does a kitchen add value to a home? Simple answer is yes, a kitchen can not only act as a benchmark for future developments in a home but it is the most used and social location of the house. After renovating over 500 homes we can say…
Guide to design

Kitchens Perth : Guide to trends in 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Kitchen’s Perth Blog! Before we get into the topic of the month, we here at the Kitchens Perth team would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a warm welcome to the exciting year of 2021! 2020 Was tough for a lot of different people but…

Different Layout of Benchtops and How They Can Work For You!

When browsing different kitchens for inspiration one of the most prevalent things most people notice is the arrangement of the benchtops. Benchtops can add not only a cosmetic twist but a utility change for the whole kitchen giving it a new purpose for entertainers, families and or special functions. In today’s Kitchens Perth blog, we…
Subway tiles

Subway Tiles For Your Kitchen Renovation – Are They The Right Fit?

Subway tiles have been what’s hot in newly renovated kitchens in Perth for a couple of years now, and to celebrate the classic subway tile we have decided to document in this blog to display the creativity and multiple application of the humble subway tile.   Subway tiles have been popularized due to the vast…
kitchen renovations

Creating That Wow Space

We are all possibly looking at uplifting our home space during 2020. No one could have determined the tough year it has been so far with most states in a form of lockdown and travelling to destinations a past event. To find a positive out of this negative l guess one could consider giving your…
3d Architectual

Creating a beautiful kitchen space

Replacing your outdated kitchen is what excites the designers here at Kitchens Perth. From the initial onsite design appointment to the office appointment where your kitchen is rendered in a 3D perspective Kitchens Perth will guide you through the selection process and coordinate seamlessly your kitchen renovation in Perth, WA. By visiting your property initially…

How to choose a benchtop for your Kitchen Renovation

  At Kitchens Perth we have a saying that the heart of the home is in the Kitchen. Everyone ends up in the kitchen, from cooking, socialising, morning tea or coffee. It’s an area that leads us be together, and that brings us to discuss the very question, with an area that is used for…
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